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Statistical relationship between ranking in different games
  • pedropajarito at 2007-11-05

    Do you find there is a statistical relationship between the ranking in different games of players.

    It seem to me that good four in a row players, are also good reversi players (that I acount for both being parity games).

    Also good Hex players seem to be good Twixt players.

    So is the case with Chess-Amazons.

    But there seems no relation between go-chess, or gomoku-reversi.

  • Jeroen at 2007-11-08

    If there would be a statistical relationship between ranking (or do you mean rating?) in different games of players, I think you should be able to calculate and/or estimate a single player's rating of one game, knowing that player's rating of the other, related game.

    If you suggest there could be an emotional relationship between a person's rating of two apparently somehow related games, thén you could compare the appearance of players high in one games's ratinglist and another ratinglist and find out.

    With regard to myself, I have become to like reversi (othello) so much, playing it for more than 6 years now, that I just can't stand myself losing a game of go moku e.g. because lack of knowledge of the game. And I can't seem to find enough patience and willingness to get to learn other games the way I learned about othello.

    I do like Mills by the way.



  • Gregorlo at 2007-11-08

    you can collect all rating data and then make some Perason's ;)

  • Gregorlo at 2007-11-08

    I meant Pearson :)

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