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New 8x8 Championship
  • Dom at 2007-12-23

    The new 8x8 reversi Championship probably will be played against 4 computer programs.

    So i have to decide, when i'll return from seasonal vacation, if simply resign these games or try to play with a stronger italian software

    In your opinion if i strike the 4 cheaters it is possible that they decide to abandon LG or there is no hope?

  • Jeroen at 2007-12-23

    I don't think there's hope :) But I wish you all the luck. I will simply play them the way I play all my opponents, trying to make the best of my own game. And trying not to play four similar games :)

  • Dom at 2008-01-04

    i think that if everyone cheat against cheaters, after some games maybe they will be tired to make only draws or losses. However now i try this experiment even if it's probably i'll lose some other games played by myself :-P

  • Roel at 2008-01-04

    You can try it! Maybe it will help. The championship is spoiled either way. When you're playing in a lower league like me, then games can be more exciting.

  • Marcel Peperkamp at 2008-01-10

    I think it's worth a try.

  • movieloverxxl at 2008-01-29

    why can't someone ban this players from this site?

  • Dom at 2008-02-25

    Personally i think that a ban in not a solution because everyone can join the site another time and we're talking about people (children?) that probably have nothing better to do during the day.

    Well, the result of my experiment is not so good, actually i'm going for 1 victory and 3 draw against the 4 cheaters, so it's probably they use the white and black striped animal at max deep of analysis.

    However my opinion is always that if every othello player starting cheating against cheaters, it can work as “moral suasion” to abandon this site (also beacause if they draw all games, probably they never more will win a tourney). But with this situation is better play only 10x10 here.

  • movieloverxxl at 2008-02-25

    some more players will end up losing 3 points in the championship. If you manage to win all your regulare games, you could have a SON victory!

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2008-02-29

    The tournament table for the championship is starting to look like that of a chess tournament.

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