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  • Jeroen at 2009-01-14

    Dear othello-friends,

    I am sorry to have to say I cannot find enough motivation to keep on playing here anymore. Although I really like playing against all fair players, those with a good level of play as much as those with less, I find myself slightly getting paranoid by every newcomer 'spanking my ass of'. This in combination with playing against well-known unfair people.

    I choose to resign all my games now, and to withdraw myself from championchip tournaments rather than to keep on getting more paranoid :) May be in a little while I find myself motivated enough to start over again.

    For now I just want to say sorry to all of you who won't be able to finish their games against me due to my resigning.

    Regards, Jeroen

  • wccanard at 2009-01-14

    It's a great shame but I'm sure many people understand. Why not just switch games?? I'm currently trying to learn 4-in-a-row, having spent my first 18 months here playing nothing but dots and boxes.

  • Ola Mikael Hansson at 2009-01-14

    It's a great shame to hear that you're doing this, yet I can understand it. I wish the situation was different - that were was no need to be paranoid. I hope you will at some point decide to return to othello here - I've been enjoying our 10x10 games.

    (As an aside - I do wonder why Othello in particular seems to attract so much cheaters? Computers are really strong at other games as well - Chess, Gomoku, 4-in-a-row, Dots and Boxes, Dvonn, Amazons (or at least I am chanceless against Invader), Lines-of-Action, Connect6… but none of those games seems plagued with the level of cheaters, and the resulting paranoia against both cheaters and honest strong players, that Othello has.)

    One solution is of course to switch games - Havannah seems fairly computer resistant to me - but it's a shame as Othello has been one of my favourite games ever since growing up - there is no other game I've invested as much time into, or played as many thousands of games of.

    Though I don't know you as a person, I will miss you as a challenging and interesting opponent, Jeroen. This site will be poorer because of you choosing not to play Othello any more here.

  • halladba at 2009-01-14

    @Ola: I'd say there are not so many cheaters in Gomoku, 4iar, … Connect6, because there are not so many “common” players. I'd say most players either came to these games after trying several other ones, they are board gamers. Or they are mathematicians/computer scientists. Board gamers and scientists are less likely to cheat with a computer because the game as an object of study is of more interest than the result of the game as a pride. (Still they could use a computer to help, but they would aknowledge it).

    As for Chess, I have no idea why it is not as bad a situation as Othello.

    I am sorry you leave Jeroen, even if I am no Othello player yet.

  • movieloverxxl at 2009-01-29

    I'm also leaving… I came here to play 10x10 reversi/othello without having to botter about cheaters. As this is not possible any more, I will finish my games and leave this site again.

    I was really happy to claim 4 of the first 5 10x10 MC in 2008 and probably be back in 2011. :)



  • Diamante at 2009-01-29

    The truth is that I too am a little disappointed I was my favorite game before I could spend hours and hours playing. So I decided to play on this page 10x10. But at least I have found other games that I have fun too.

  • Massimo C. at 2009-02-07

    Hope to play you again Jeroen, our game are quite fair and exciting. Goodbye

  • Miguel Pereira da Silva at 2009-02-18

    The temporary departure of Jeroen is a pity. I am though convinced that he will end up returning again, since he is a highly Othello addicted. He will relapse soon or later. He won't be able to spend too much time without playing with those players who really like him… like me. I learnt a lot with him.

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