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Hex puzzles
  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-03-15

    I plan to post a new Hex puzzle to this thread about once a week. Here is the first, taken from a game on Playsite. Black to move and win:

    A larger image is here. I will post a link to the solution next week. If you wish to discuss variations, You can click here, or message me, or email me. I would be glad to discuss specific moves, either in plain text or with a Jhex file.

    Please don't post your answer in this thread; give others a chance. Other types of comments are welcome.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-03-15

    Sorry the email link was broken. Here it is again: twixt@cstone.net

  • ypercube ★ at 2003-03-15

    Nice (difficult) puzzle. I haven't been able to find the answer yet.


  • na_wspak at 2003-04-07

    i've just seen this puzzles on the forum i think its b9 :)

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-07

    ups sorry shame on me…. im really sorry for this i havent read the message to the end my foult it wil not happen again i promise. once again sorry

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2003-04-08

    It would be nice to see the answer to the puzzle to see if what we worked out is correct.

    btw I think b9 is not the answer. It can be followed be c8-b8-c6 for examble.

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-08

    hmm i think that threaten the connection from f8 on the right side would be very helpful -there is the wall of black stones from e7 to h4 that can be helpful after all

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-08

    hmm i think that threaten the connection from f8 on the right side would be very helpful -there is the wall of black stones from e7 to h4 that can be helpful after all

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-08

    there might be 2 winning moves…

  • jjjklj at 2003-04-08

    E9, I5, and I8 all seem to win for black, there could be other responses as well, but B9 is not one of them, if there are any

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-09

    i know b9 was wrong

  • klaashaas at 2003-04-21

    So… What are the solutions and can we expect a new puzzle? :-)

  • michael at 2003-04-21

    There are indeed many options to win like i5 and i8 ..but isn't it the idea to find the quickest win? … my vote for that would be f8

  • jjjklj at 2003-04-22

    F8 loses to E10. See my previous post for the correct solutions. There is no need to go through each possibility tree and find the “fastest” win. In fact, it appears that all of the correct solutions are very simliar, and might all take the same number of moves any way. It's irrelevant either way though, the only important thing is that the win is forced rather than relies on a mistake from your opponent.

    Oh, and I'm not sure if David is planning on posting anymore puzzles or not. Maybe he's waiting for some good 13x13 situations as 10x10 is too easy after 5 or so moves into the game.

  • Charles Foster Kane at 2003-04-22


    What's wrong with B9?

    Black moves B9, forcing White to block at C8.

    Then, black moves B8, forcing White to block at B7.

    Then black moves to C7, and White can't block both connections. So 1. b9 c8 2. b8 b7 3. c7 wins for Black.

    Did I miss something?

  • Charles Foster Kane at 2003-04-22

    Nevermind, I see it now.

  • jjjklj at 2003-04-22

    Black's B8 doesn't force B7, it forces C6(for white to win anyway)…

  • na_wspak at 2003-04-23

    after b8 white goes to c6 like said agoui before:)

  • Tim Shih at 2004-02-21

    This is a nice puzzle, indeed. It is when one is forewarned that there is something going on then she/he may pay attention to finding this something. In real games, if one can see it right away, she/he is a very strong Hex player. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Jupp at 2004-02-25

    How wins black with E9? I'm a beginner in hex. After E8 I would lose with black.

  • jjjklj at 2004-02-25

    bE9, wE8, bF8, wF7, bG7, wG6, bI5, wH6, bJ6, wI6, bJ5, and there’s nothing white can do to connect to the right side

  • Glenn C. Rhoads at 2004-02-29

    H7 also seems to win. E.g. H7, H8, E9, E8, F8, F7, G7.

    Also, B9 is *NOT* a losing move! It just doesn't help.

    After white defends against B9 (e.g. B9, C8, B8, C6),

    black can still win by playing H7 or any of the other

    winning moves already mentioned.

  • jjjklj at 2004-03-01

    i see H7 losing to G7…

  • Glenn C. Rhoads at 2004-03-05

    Hmmn. That's what I get for posting an answer after

    looking at it for maybe 20 seconds. I didn't consider

    G7 in response to H7. It does seem to work but it's

    not trivial. E.g.

    1.H7 G7 2.I8 H9 (not 2…H8 3.F8 E10 4.F9 etc.)

    3.F8 E10 4.F9 (G9 doesn't work either) F10

    5.I9 H8! (the only winning move) 6.J6 I7 7.J7 I5

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