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hex puzzle
  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    I have a hex puzzle that I think there is only one solution for, or so we will find out. :) The move is for a direct connection to the left side for horizontal. The history for the game is from a game I played at kurnik that David Bush helped me modify to work better, “Thanks David”.

    Any answers to the puzzle should not be posted here!!!, but emailed to my little golem message thing. http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/message/new.jsp?plto=1882

    I don't know how to do the html to make the link work so just copy and paste.

    Eventually after enough answers come in I will post the results.

    Here Is the history

    1. G3 2. B2

    3. E4 4. G2

    5. C6 6. F3

    7. D7 8. F4

    9. D8 10. E5

    11. B4

    Horizontal to move.

    I'm assuming that horizontal can connect to the right side.

    Any questions can be posted here, no answers here please.

    Have Fun.

  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    Here is the link for emailing me. I think ;)

  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    Never mind I give up

  • David J Bush ★ at 2005-07-15

    What size board?

  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    OOPS :) 10 x

  • Kevin O'Gorman ★ at 2005-07-15

    Did I read it right? That history looks SOOOOOO strange.

    Door1: did you really play like that (either side)?

  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    No, David Bush helped edit it for the puzzle to be clearer without options. If you want the real history I can give it to you.

  • Door1 at 2005-07-15

    This is the real game info , played at kurnik against Kondenser. The puzzle was flipped in jhex for convenience sake. So on a point early in the game vert was in almost in the same position after horizontal went d2.

    [Event “?“]

    [Site “kurnik”]

    [Date “2005.05.01”]

    [Round “-“]

    [Black “door1”]

    [White “kondonser”]

    [Result “1-0”]

    [Time “21:33:58”]

    [TimeControl “300”]

    [GameType “10”]

    [BlackElo “1698”]

    [WhiteElo “1881”]

    1. b2 d5 2. b7 c7 3. d6 g4 4. e5 f3 5. c6 d2 6. b5 c5 7. b6 b3 8. c3 c4 9. b4

    c2 10. e3 f1 11. f2 g1 12. g2 h1 13. i2 h2 14. h3 g3 15. h4 g6 16. g5 f6 17. f5

    d7 18. a9 b8 19. a8 a10 20. b9 b10 21. c9 c10 22. d9 d10 23. f8 e10 1-0

  • David J Bush ★ at 2005-07-15

    Maybe it would be simpler to just show an image of the puzzle:

    (I hope this works! Richard, when are you going to provide a preview feature?)

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Yellow (horizontal) to move and win.

    Door, why do you say “I assume horizontal can connect to the left” ?? What difference does it make, what you assume? If you want the solver to make this assumption, then say so. But the whole point of my modification was to make any such comment unnecessary.

    I recommend you do not play out the actual game history, if you want to solve the puzzle on your own.

  • :/ at 2005-07-16


  • :/ at 2005-07-16

    e2 and c4

  • :/ at 2005-07-16

    Ahh… E2 is bad… Only c4

  • Tim Shih at 2005-07-18

    The puzzle difficult; David's computer skill impressive; the enthusiasm wonderful. :)

  • bennok at 2005-07-20

    C4 is what I found also… Nice puzzle, thanks!

  • bennok at 2005-07-20

    C4 seemed to word but after trying it on jHex I found some annoying countermoves … I still have to work on it.

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