Yo hey! The hex tournament started Hex, Havannah

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Yo hey! The hex tournament started
  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-08-20

    Only 6 players among the 30 or so who registered are playing

    If you get online within 12 minutes, maybe you will not forfeit

  • P_Guz ★ at 2020-08-21

    Congrats to Daniel, he was second to none.

    According to offical MSO results, I guess, David, you are Peyrol from boardgamearena. ;)

    The medals are given ( https://msoworld.com/2020-medal-table/) but unfortunately there was no clear way to find out the precise standing on lower positions. Do you know why -lapierrefolle- is not given the third place as the boardgamearena selceted?

    Anyway It was a big fun to play and great experience. I must say that the shape of board in some way had an impact on my moves. I analysed later some of my games on standard lg board and I must admit that I made some moves I would not do on standard board. The perspective was different in some way. The drawback of that was that I had to think longer, however I also discovered some nice moves which probably had been underestimated on standard board with standard perspective :)

  • Force majeure at 2020-08-21

    Yeah, Daniel and Arek (who wasn't playing unfortunatelly) are class of their own. This medal standings is surprising and confusing, I don't think that rules were precise in this respect.

    And I agree with P_Guz, although hex is hex, the playing experience was very different and often confusing. Some moves that for me are natural on LG, I had to overthink to make sure that I connect with the right edge (which I was able to confuse once anyway).

  • kspttw at 2020-08-21

    He didn't register on MSO. However in other games, in a similar case, they wait who exactly that was. Maybe this time they decided that it's better to give the medal to the next person.

    So about medal decided with who you played in 1st/2nd round I guess.

  • Force majeure at 2020-08-21

    Swiss system isn't best when it comes to select places apart from the winner. It heavily depends on the draw and not having too weak opponents, so it is very luck dependant for people who end up with 4-1 or 3-2.

  • kspttw at 2020-08-21

    Swiss system is ok, but you needs more rounds, and ussually is better when you have quite fair rating for pairing.

  • Force majeure at 2020-08-21

    Sure, what I meant was 5 rounds and 30 players.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-08-21

    Yes i am Peyrol on BGA. I agree the medal awards are confusing. I thought I was going to get Bronze after pguz. Maybe we will get an explanation from Etan Ilfeld (knightleap) before the 14x14 tourney starts on the 29th.

  • Force majeure at 2020-08-21

    Why bronze? Winning first 4 rounds shall give you best tie-breaks (strongest opponents). Having BYO in first round took ~2 of my SOS, so I hope all registered players will participate in 14x14.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-08-21

    A workaround for inaccurate ratings is to play there more. They offer turn based play as well as real time. As a premium member, I could create a turn based tournament if there is interest.

    Regarding how players below third place were ordered, I'm not sure the MSO has anything in place for that. Maybe you could use the results table on the BGA website. They use the sum of the scores of your opponents, including those you lost to, as the primary tiebreaker. If you want, you could apply whatever tiebreak system you want to the data there and come up with your own ranking.

  • metzgerism at 2020-08-21

    The guy who implemented Connect6 ran a tournament this week and I won it - but on tiebreaker, and my one loss was to the other player I was tied against.

    I think LittleGolem would have the same result, but this is the opposite of North American tiebreaker reckoning. It's just not transparent.

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