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1st Team Match
  • maraca at 2011-05-26

    Please only use this thread for discussions about the game, for everything else post here

    We are still looking for players, send me a message if you want to participate.


    • All players of team TwixT Philosophers will be devided in two (as equal as possible) groups on 2011-06-06
    • The game will start on 2011-06-10, 4 days in case somebody disagrees with the groupings
    • I will flip a coin to decide which group makes the first move
    • The groups should discuss the move they want to play here in this thread and finally agree on one
    • The upper limit for making a move is 1 month, if the group didn't agree by then, the move is decided by vote (there can be made exceptions if there is a vivid discussion about an interesting position)
    • Have fun!

    I hope to see a very good game and interesting discussions with not many mistakes, because the groups can read the ideas of the other group too.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2011-05-31

    What, both sides in the same discussion? Well let's try to be civil at least. You suckers are so doomed. Just out of curiosity, who uses Jtwixt besides me?

  • Thierry Pertuy at 2011-06-01

    Hi Maraca. I'd like to join the team but I don't know how to do so. Do I need you to invite me ?

    Sorry for maybe a doom question…

  • maraca at 2011-06-01

    Hi Thierry, yes I need to invite you.

    If somebody wants to play without joining the team, write me a message too.

    David is already turning on the heat :) I don't use JTwixt but I will get it if this game has started, but I always use it like the commentator without saving sub variations.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2011-06-02

    If everyone uses the same discussion forum, this eliminates an important aspect of Twixt: hustling the opponent, by which I mean playing confusing moves that may tempt the other side into making bad moves. Would it be all right if each side uses their own mailing list or password protected forum? We could compare notes after the game ends.

  • maraca at 2011-06-02

    You still can play hustling moves, if they are urgent enough they have to be answered. I think you only have to confuse the opponent if you are losing and you can only benefit from it if the other player makes a mistake, I don't want the other side to make bad moves, at least not in this game! The only thing you maybe can't do are traps because they rely on mistakes.

  • maraca at 2011-06-02

    We could play another game with seperated teams if we have more players (and preferably after the 1st is finished), but this one I would like to play in the forum here, not only to reduce mistakes and read interesting discussions, also for educational purposes, get in the mind of TwixT players in a more intense way than the commentator, where normally 'only' key moves and the ideas of the players that played the game are discussed. Here you could also discuss for example what measures you use to determine which move is the one to play.

  • maraca at 2011-06-05

    Today is the 06-06 time to make groups. If we give each player a number according to his ranks, then there are several possibilities:

    A) 1. group: odd numbers, 2nd group: even numbers

    B) 1. group: 1,4,5,8,9,… 2nd group: 2,3,6,7,… (like connect 6 ;-)

    C) 1. group: 1,4,6,8,… 2nd group: 2,3,5,7,…

    I think B) is the best solution, this would give the following groups:

    1: Carroll, Thierry Pertuy, maraca

    2: upendra, David J Bush, Klaus Hußmanns

  • upendra at 2011-06-06

    I'm on a team with David and Klaus - I hope you guys pull your weight. :) This is great idea, especially for a novice like me, seeing the experts think out loud will be pretty awesome.

  • Thierry Pertuy at 2011-06-06

    Any solution will be ok to me. With solution B) I'm going to be able to win against both Klaus & David. Fine ! ;-)

  • maraca at 2011-06-06

    Okay great, then there are no objections from group 1 (Carroll told me it's ok). Only David or Klaus haven't said something, but I guess you just want to play and don't care about the groups ;-)

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