How to begin a match of "Twixt"? TWIXT PP

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How to begin a match of "Twixt"?
  • Thomas Rump at 2004-02-10

    short question by a newbie on this side.
    May be someone could give me a hint, what’s to do for beginning the game “Twixt” by “Little Golem”?



  • Dvd Avins at 2004-02-10

    To enter a tournament, go to the torunaments link (on the left) and join one of the types of Twixt PP tournaments.

    To find a single game, go to the Waiting room link and either join a game (if one’s available) or issue a challenge.

    For more details, click the FAQ link.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-02-10

    There are three ways to start a Twixt game here.

    Most players just enter a tournament. Click on the “Tournaments” link on the left. You will see a large table with three categories: Championship, Monthly tournament, and Rating tournament. I recommend you start off in a rating tournament. Scroll down to the TwixtPP row, and click on “Register” in the rightmost column. A tournament will soon start and you will have three games going against three opponents. You can register for the other types of tournaments as well, if you wish.

    If you wish to play just one game instead of three, or if you prefer unrated games, click on the “Waiting room” link on the left. Then click on “add my game to waiting room.” Then select the TwixtPP game type and click Next. Your name will be added to the list of players looking for opponents. If someone accepts your challenge, your game will start.

    If you wish to play against someone in particular, click on the “New games” link on the left and then click on "send an invitation."

    I recommend you read the FAQ. Click on the “FAQ” link on the left.

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