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David: Question about one of your games
  • Andy Olsen at 2003-05-28


    This is David vs Martin in the first league. I was just curious why David chose i18 instead of j21. I guess they both make a connection to the bottom, but it’s just that personally I find j21 more straight forward. I was wondering if there is some reason I’m not seeing?

    It looks like h20 is already connected to e17, so no need to strengthen that area...

  • Robin at 2003-05-28

    i18 makes sure that h20 is connected with e17, j21 doesn’t.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-05-28

    Beware enemy pegs adjacent to your gaps! 29.J21* 30.H19* cuts my H20-E17 connection.
    This is why Martin played 28.G21* instead of G23**. He was trying to make a double threat.
    For example 29.G18** 30.L21 would have slowed me down a bit.
    29.i18* covers both threats more directly.

  • Andy Olsen at 2003-05-28

    Oops I overlooked that black H19* cuts both H20-G18 and H20-F19 on the way to E17.

    Twixt is a pretty interesting game!

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