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Delayed placement of barriers
  • CosimoC at 2018-04-03

    Dear friends, I am preparing my lecture about Connection Games at the next Board Games Studies Colloquium in Athens (April 23rd- 27th). One peculiarity of Twixt, in comparison with other Connection Games, is that the connecting line, that is the barrier that is added, is drawn after a placement of the pegs. In other words, the placement of the first barrier is delayed until, at least, the placement of the second peg.

    In practice, experienced players spread pegs on the board and only later, sometimes very late, the barriers appear. I chose as an example my game 1874857 against Steven, in which I played the first barriers (two) at the 15th move.

    I believe that there are surely games in which the barriers were played even later than the 15th move. Can you help me with your experience?

    As a curiosity, do you believe that exists a game between experienced players that is long enough and in which no barrier was placed?

  • Florian Jamain ★ at 2018-04-03

    I am sure that sometimes, even with two strong players, one player resigned before the placement of the first barrier cause the ending is clear.

    I don’t have any examples now, but I can search.

  • CosimoC at 2018-04-03

    Dear Florian, it is really the case that I am looking for.

  • spd_iv at 2018-04-03

    Hi CosimoC, 

    not sure if this can help you but I remember one of my game when I was new to the 1st championship level.

    up to move 20 one player has connected all of his pegs and the second player none of them.

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-04-03

    ... and the 2nd player won!

  • Maciej Celuch at 2018-04-05

    I have found another example 1907854 where until 17th move there was only one barrier in the game.

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2018-04-07

    I remember this game Maciej... the first move appeared at move 15...

    There is also this short game 1856691 where the only link appeared at the last move before resignation.

    @CosimoC : this sounds very interesting. Would you mind to post your lecture here after the colloquium ?

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2018-04-07

    “The first move appeared at move 15” : if someone can explain that ?! ;-)

    of course I meant to write “The first link appeared at move 15”...

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-04-07

    Sorry I don’t have an example of a “pegs only” game, but another peculiarity of standard (not PP) Twixt is that sometimes it is necessary to add a link between pegs that were already on the board before you placed your peg this move. A contrived example is here

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-04-13

    Here’s a pegs only game, 11 pegs plus a swap move 1924741

  • CosimoC at 2020-01-18

    Mr. Cat invited me to enter into the discussion about the game TwixtBot against The World (game;id:2140447). I do not believe that I can enter now in an appropriate way, especially if one reads the great deal of work that has been performed until now by our glorious team.

    But there is an aspect that is attracting my curiosity: the very delayed placement of barriers, according to my post of almost two years ago. Moreover, the pegs are spread all over the board in an uniform way. It looks like the ideal Twixt game.

  • CosimoC at 2020-01-18


    #2140447 MCx analysis stub vs. TwixtBot
    . Sorry for this

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