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Feature request
  • Flemming Jensen ★ at 2018-05-16


    I’d find it most usefull to have some kind of “your move” notifier.

    TWIXT sepcific:

    I’d find it most usefull if the handheld UI had a LINK to “http://twixt-commentator.duckdns.org/game”, just like the PC UI has.

    thank you for an outstanding gaming community.


  • psikonauta at 2018-05-17

    Regarding the move notifier, I do receive emails, don’t you?

    Regarding the link to the analysis board in the mobile UI, I second that request. And also for Hex, please!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-06-25

    On my Android phone running Firefox, I clicked on the three dots in the upper right. I scrolled down to “request desktop site” and checked the box. Now I have a link to an analysis board for both games. Also I see guide lines on the LG Twixt display, and with the Bigger Golem add on, the LG hex “Go ban” style display is functional, which means I can make moves. Chrome on Android, however, does not allow Bigger Golem.

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