Imuri rules: rough German translation please? TWIXT PP

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Imuri rules: rough German translation please?
  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-26

    Imuri is a 30x30 version of Twixt. A photograph of the rules has been posted here. If you click on that image twice, you will see the original resolution, which is barely good enough to allow you to read the words. Would any German reader care to answer any of these questions please?

    1. Standard Twixt allows each player to remove as many of their own links as they wish on their move, prior to placing any. Do these rules mention link removal?
    2. Do these rules mention any opening protocol such as the pie rule?
    3. Are there any other differences from the standard rules, as far as you can tell?

    I am grateful for any information!

  • _syLph_ at 2018-09-26

    It does mention you can remove links should you run out of link pieces. No pie rule mentioned. The only addition I see is that they mention a 4 player variant in which 2 players share a color.

    It does a shitty job of explaining how 2 pegs are connected by a link. It reads “if the second peg is placed close to the first in a way that you can draw a line between the two then you can place a link connecting the two pegs”. Which doesnt really make it clear that the links are placed like the knight move in chess, but I guess it works since the pieces are a set size.

  • _syLph_ at 2018-09-26

    Well, there is a picture though so thats fine I guess.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-26

    Yikes, that does sound terrible. In Standard Twixt, you don’t remove links because you are running out. You remove links in order to give yourself the elbow room to connect in a different way, which is sometimes necessary to avoid a draw, or in rare cases, even a loss. Also, if you look at other photos there of the board and pieces, you will see there are no holes for pegs, nor do the links physically attach to the pegs. So the pegs would not physically prevent you from linking incorrectly.

    Thanks very much!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-26

    I should add the board has a line for every potential link path, and even a few that are not possible such as A2 to C1, so that might explain the seemingly confusing explanation of how to place a link.

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