Championship 52 is 30x30!? TWIXT PP

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Championship 52 is 30x30!?
  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-12

    If anyone has a question about using Jtwixt, please ask me. I can use it with Orackle Java 10.0.2 for Linux. For now, you will have to enter the moves manually from the start. If the swap move is used, and you want the Jtwixt board to look the same as LG, here’s what you can do:

    In Jtwixt, choose different piece colors to avoid some confusion.

    Flip the board and also flip the grid labels. The position will have the same orientation as with LG, and the coordinate labels will look the same, but the move notation will not be the same, and the move count will differ by 1 since Jtwixt doesn’t record swap as a move.

    Also Jtwixt implements standard rules instead of PP. But it’s better than just looking at the game position.

    My email is twixtfanatic atsymbol gmail period com

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-12

    BTW Alan, if you could please include a “download (30x30) Jtwixt file” link for 30x30 games, that would eliminate many backflips for the players :-) Many thanks in advance.

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2018-12-12

    Championship 52 in 30x30 ?

    it’s probably a mistake, isn’t it ?

  • Hairspring at 2018-12-12

    I am not sure I can wrap my head around the 30x30 board in a championship. I just have not taken the time to understand anything about the bigger board. I have only ever played on a good, old, standard 3M set and on the standard 24x24 board here on LG. It is just too many games against too many good players on a board I have not had time to figure out. What I am saying is “God save me!” Is this really how championships are to be played? I guess I can wing it but I can only expect to get beaten terribly badly and present as a poor opponent.

  • DrJochum at 2018-12-13

    I really like to play a championship on the 30x30 board!!

    With jTwixt I use a different approach when a swap move is involved: I just make a silly first move behind the goal line (somewhere in row one).

  • Christian0 at 2018-12-13

    Yes I’d rather play 30x30 championships than 24x24.

  • CosimoC at 2018-12-13

    I strongly disagree with this switch. 24x24 Twixt is different from 30x30 Twixt, as 9x9 Go is different from 13x13 Go. The worst thing is that nobody was informed that the next championship would have been played on a different size board. Now, I am in a League 1 championship of a game that I have never played before. All right, I am in, and I will play, but In the future I will not participate to any game in which I will not be informed in advance about its rules.

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2018-12-13

    At the era of communication and global participative processes (participative democracy, participative crowdfunding, participative discussions with forums...) it’s a real pity that nobody was consulted nor even informed that the new championship was going to be 30x30. From the different comments posted here it seems to be such a different approach in strategy. I almost registered and am so happy I didn’t...

    why not just run a 24x24 and a 30x30 championships in parallel ? That would be clear and anyone can decide which game he’s going to play instead of discovering it when it starts !

    The strength of websites like littlegolem (which however i like very much) is the number of players and their attachment to the site. This interest is going to drop if only one people can decide for all the others...

    Again I like littlegolem very much (that’s the reason why I supported it financially) and  that makes it even more difficult for me to write this message, but...

  • Carroll ★ at 2018-12-13

    I play big TwixtPP on (48x48) and it is really exciting.

    I’m not a good Twixt player but I don’t feel that it is a huge change in basic strategy and tactics, the size just makes it more interesting.

    The only drawback there is the lack of the guiding lines which are hard to follow on such big boards, but Richard added them for 30x30.

    Yes nobody likes changing its habits a priori but please give it a try, 24x24 will then seem little and dull, think biggolem !

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-13

    It’s Richard’s site, and it’s free, so we should be grateful for what we get, and I am! But I agree that some advance notice in the forum would have been welcome. One consequence of this lack of communication is, TwixtBot is losing rating points. Some advance notice would have given time for the bot to unregister. It’s vastly under-rated as it is. “Just resign on the first move” is something a human can easily understand, but a bot has to be programmed to do this. This also takes time. In my estimation it should be rated at least 2400. So now I have even less incentive to play rated games against it. I’ll just resign on the first move in that case. I’m not making an argument about what should or should not be done. I’m just stating the facts.

  • TwixtBot at 2018-12-13

    It’s too late for 5 of the games – two already resigned for rating lost, and three more already automatically made first moves.  Since the bot only accepts invites to 24x24 games I foolishly made the assumption that all games would be 24x24.  Ha ha!  There are three games where TB moves second so I have a chance to resign those as soon as the opponents move, but until that happens, I have to turn off the automated move maker.

    I won’t make any mention of how long I was watching the games in ch 52 tick down excited for the next one to start.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2018-12-13

    the analysis link is broken for this size board, so no way to analyze 30x30 directly from this site.  

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-13

    Jtwixt is a virtual board which allows analysis on a 30x30 grid. You would have to replicate the moves manually. Please message me if you have any question.

  • Hairspring at 2018-12-13

    From what I understand the Analysis link isn’t broken so much as the creator of the analysis site (Alan Hansel?) hasn’t created one for 30x30 and it does not seem likely that he or anyone else will. I try not to rely on the analysis site too much but I need something to get me started in understanding where to play the opening and mid game on the bigger board size. It seems like it will simply be different. I guess if I am going to play decent games in the championship I will just have to figure out how to use jtwixt as David suggests.

  • Steven at 2018-12-16

    Does anyone have Richards ear?  Does he listen to any of us?  How can we communicate with him?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-17

    I believe he has a Facebook account as Rio Malaschitz.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2018-12-18

    Return to 24x24 ?

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-12-18

    There have been few games that have some moves (up to move 12-15) but only a few.

    The majoirty of games are still very early (or finished with a resignation at the first moves).

    So I suppose that most people will be happy for the games to be scrapped and the championship started again at 24x24 size.

  • Christian0 at 2018-12-18

    I prefer 30x30 but it seems like I belong to a minority. Maybe we should take a vote about it. I already finished a game with 19 moves in this championship.

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-12-18

    Yes, yours is the one of the few games. In detail, in the 7 groups, there are 4 games that have finished (if we don’t count games that ended in 5 moves or less):

    Level 1 (1 group): 0 games
    Level 2 (2 groups): 0, 1 games respectively
    Level 3 (4 groups): 1, 2, 0, 0 games respectively

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-12-18

    There are also several games that have progressed (from anything between 6 and 20 moves) but not finished.

  • Force majeure at 2018-12-18

    Why not create 2 championship – we’ve got hex13 and hex19 championship, go9, go13 and go19 as well

  • DrJochum at 2018-12-18

    I like to play 30x30. However, there is also the infinite tournament. So I would also be happy with 24x24 as the main championship.

    I am not sure about two championships. If you split it into two, you might get two less attractive championships because you get less participants in each.

  • TwixtBot at 2018-12-18

    I vote for return, but I’m not a human :)

  • Florian Jamain ★ at 2018-12-18

    The championship should be in 24x24 I guess.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-12-18

    How about Twixt championship 52 size 30 gets renamed championship 1 size 30, and start a new tournament named championship 52 size 24? IMO they are different games, but I don’t mind if a different Elo rating scale is used or not. Either way is okay with me.

    Also please message TwixtBot, thank you.

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2018-12-18

    I agree with David. In my opinion, renaming the current championship as the first one in 30x30 and launching the 52nd 24x24 championship Could be the fairest option.

  • Hairspring at 2018-12-21

    I think that David’s suggestion is absolutely the best and fairest idea as well.

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2019-01-07

    So what did you decide Richard ?

    Happy new year to you and Littlegolem !

  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-01-15

    I HOPE that championship 53 will be 24x24.

    I HOPE that Twict bot will be placed in league 2 again, if not league 1, of a 24x24 championship It does not deserve to be relegated to league 3 due to circumstances beyond its control.

    Most of all, I HOPE that Richard will tell us what he intends to do BEFORE it happens.

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