Twixtbot wants to know if its retirement from the Infinity Cup is appropriate TWIXT PP

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Twixtbot wants to know if its retirement from the Infinity Cup is appropriate
  • David J Bush ★ at 2019-05-04

    I haven’t been playing the IC. I guess TB would like to hear from those who do, whether you would prefer he goes away or not.

    IMO the sooner the bot achieves a rating that indicates its true strength, the sooner other players will be more willing to play rated games against it.

    Heh Maybe Maciej and Michal will come back then :-)

  • MisterCat at 2019-05-04

    David, since I made the remark in another thread, I am going to cut and paste an excerpt here; it just seems appropriate. (meow)

    Infinity IS a ladder, and the ‘punishment’ for winning is to play tougher and tougher opponents.  That tough opponent COULD be Twixtbot, or could have been any of the top players at LG who have made it to the top.  Thing is – for some players, playing against an AI is a frustrating waste of time, and are not inclined to do it; for other players, playing against an AI can be viewed as a challenge, and useful learning experience.  BOTH points of view seem valid, to me.

    But I don’t play in Infinity.  I guess this question would need to be fielded by some of the players in the tournament, and I hope they do.

  • TwixtBot at 2019-05-04

    I de-registered from the infinity cup, although it is easy to re-register if that is the popular choice.

  • Augustus Perplexus at 2019-05-06

    A bot is a bot! Who doesn’t  enjoy a guaranteed loss!!

  • leela_bot at 2019-05-06

    It is amazing to me how quickly we went from “computers will never beat the best go players in the world” to “of course a bot will beat any mere human” (at almost any game you can come up with). Only 4 years ago computers beating humans at go seemed still at least a decade away, and the joke went, would always be a decade away.

  • MisterCat at 2019-05-06

    leela_bot is what?  a HEX program?  Congratulations.  Who said what?  Software would not beat humans?  Not me!  Perhaps a few individuals said that when appropriate, such as David Levy; back around 1969.   You are behind the times, IMHO.

    I still maintain that both points of view are appropriate.  If you are a competitive player, playing to win, and know that software has reached the point where you have no FAIR chance to do so, then by all means, you should not play it!  On the other hand, if you are an explorer, looking to find the deeper truth behind a simple game, and appreciate the ‘insights and techniques’ that software offers, then you would want to play and learn.

    The top players in the world of Chess do not (rarely) waste their time competing with software on equal footing; even Magnus has admitted that he would be defeated by a cell phone app.  But all the top players USE software for analysis and learning; that is how the games have evolved.

    I don’t know; maybe just me, but I found the above post by lB to have unneeded sarcasm.  Freedom of speech, and all.


  • leela_bot at 2019-05-07

    OK, for chess, sure, my comment is behind the times, but for go (and hex and TwixT) not so much.

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