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Twixtbot (b) Twixtbot Junior
  • MisterCat at 2019-11-19

    b) Twixtbot junior – remember the old Twixtbot?  Many of us came up facing that version, which I would estimate to be worth about 1600 strength.  I know that I learned from my games against it; the wins AND the losses.  I learned some standard motifs in attack and defense, but mostly I learned to be MORE CAREFUL – if you don’t watch out, the bot would beat you with a chain of simple beam setups: double links from one end of the board to the other!Well, I’ve moved beyond that level of play, and I’m sure many of us have; however, these games WERE instructive, and that version of the bot could be beaten.  It provided learning, practice, and satisfaction.  I say: BRING IT BACK!  Call it Twixtbot Junior, if you like.  I believe that this will prove to be a useful practice opponent for all new players, those wanting to improve, their play, and even old timers who just want a quick punching bag.  Also, it’s still way better than T1j!

  • TwixtBot at 2019-11-29

    It was very slow though, I had that old bot sitting around running MCTS sims forever and then some just to play 1500 twixt.

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