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Twixtbot (d) cheating
  • MisterCat at 2019-11-19

    d) Some time back, when the subject of cheating came up (again) in our strategy games, Mtbikesman opined that everyone should play Twixt – cheat proof, since the software has  not been developed to play at a high level.  Ypercube remarked that this is only because there is no money in it – if Twixt were a popular game, world wide, with prestigious tournaments and cash prizes (like Chess), then the software would follow suit, and nefarious individuals would then use software to cheat at Twixt.Well, the software is here, now.  Anybody could cheat at Twixt, using a simple ‘piggyback’ strategy: start a game against a human opponent, and a simultaneous game against a bot.  The poor human will be defeated, never knowing that he was playing a machine (unless, he recognizes the style of play, and can prove it).  But this type of cheating has always been possible – I could play a game against a player named Moe, not realizing that Moe is playing my moves in another game against a strong human player; it is not Moe who beats me, but rather, it is David Bush, or someone like him.  Nobody will ever know.I don’t have a perfect solution, but it is one reason that I TRY to play games against players I have experience with, or players whose records show a ‘human’ distribution of wins and losses.  We ALL must rely on an honor system here, but I know that if there were ever money on the line – then the cheaters would appear; it does not matter WHAT game!

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