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Twixtbot (e) money for Bony Jordan
  • MisterCat at 2019-11-19

    e)  Here are a few suggestions and requests for Jordan, the creator and operator of Twixtbot:1. Is it possible to put in levels of play?  I mean to dumb it down, therefor making playing against it more fun.  It would be nice to win, once and a while.  Perhaps it would be enough to restrict the move by move search to smaller numbers; this might not work, though, if the existing neural net is already so damn strong that it won’t even MATTER if the search is restricted.  Perhaps one could add a move randomizer – where, every so often, the bot won’t play the optimal move.  It would still be a challenge, and it would be up to the human to recognize these chances, and take advantage of them.2. Create a version of the software for download to home computers, so one can play the bot whenever – without being online, and without being at Little Golem.  Who would pay for this?  If Jordan would create a home version, WITH features such as levels and analysis – well, I’d pay.  Hey – it’s more fun that playing T1j, and Twixt is a GREAT, game; maybe my favorite!  How much would I pay?  Well, $20 easy, perhaps $30.  For a one-time purchase, I might be willing to go to $50 (with a lifetime license for support and upgrades, of course).  If all the enthusiastic Twixt players here bought this software from Jordan, he could make some useful money!3. Even better – create a mobile app version for Android (& Iphone)!  I’ve got the ‘Twixt for Android’ app on my phone now; it sucks, since it’s based on T1j, but I have it.  Every now and then, I play it, and embarrassing to admit – every now and then it beats me.  But this is nothing like Twixtbot, and if Bony Jordan wanted to sell me an Android app, I’d pay for that as well.  Throw in Twixtbot Junior!Something to think about, eh??(meow)

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-11-20

    Lot of good ideas.

    Sorry to be a “rabat joie” or “pin in the ass”, but if you have a look about how many people pay for a year license on LG to benefit for 25 games, the population is sparse...

    Also there is a version of leela-zero for android which does what you describe (configurable depth of thought), I have it on my phone but don’t use it too much (the fun goes away and also it drains my battery).

  • TwixtBot at 2019-11-29

    I don’t think there’s a lot of money to be made from AI twixt bots, unfortunately.  But since I wasn’t in it for the money, no foul.

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