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Wet Paint site
  • MisterCat at 2020-05-17

    Horrors.  The WetPaint free web hosting wiki domain is long gone.  IMPORTANT instructive information on Twixt was available there in a number of articles.  From D. Bush: " It appears the images for wetpaint were stored in cloudfront.net and maybe the account ran out of money."

    I would hate to lose all those articles, not only of use for present, but for future players.  Also from D. Bush: "BoardGameGeek also offers a wiki structure for Twixt, all its images are stored on site, and it’s free although it would appreciate any donation."

    It MAY be too late now, and all is lost.  But I took a look using the Wayback machine, and some of the images ARE THERE!  I only checked one available date.  Perhaps somebody who has some expertise can research the old articles, using Wayback or whatever, and PRESERVE THEM.  A file of PDF’s would be nice, or Html, or migrate the whole set (or as much as can be retrieved now) to BoardGameGeek?



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