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Jtwixt for sizes 24 and 30 games
  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    Just in case the Twixt analysis site is no longer available for games in progress, here are instructions on how to import any size 24 or size 30 LG game into a Jtwixt file, and a few tips on how to use Jtwixt.

    Jtwixt is a Java app which needs an older version of a Java runtime environment. Note there is also the app Jhex for Hex players.

    Here is where you can download Java version 10.0.2. You don't need to install this on your machine, just store it in some sub folder of your home directory. I use Linux, so anyone is welcome to comment on differences for other operating systems, or any error I make, or any question you have. I created a launcher on my desktop with the following command line:

    /home/david/Downloads/Oracle_java/jdk-10.0.2/bin/java -jar /home/david/games/Twixt/sw/jtwixt09a2.jar

    Of course you don't need to download a jdk file; just a runtime environment would do. Substitute your own full path names to where you put the jre and the jtwixt files. Here is the desktop icon I use.

    Downloading an LG game size 24 or 30

    If the game is size 24 and it is finished, then on the LG page for that game, click on the link to the analysis site, and at the bottom of that page click a link to download the Jtwixt file.

    Otherwise, in the Move List box, there is a txt icon in the top right. Click on that to save a .tsgf file.

    (IF the swap move was not invoked in this game, you can skip this step. If it was, suppose the first move is J5. The first two moves in the .tsgf file will be ;b[je];r[swap] which you need to edit to ;b[ej];r[ej] Just transpose whatever characters are in the first move, and repeat that to replace the word swap.)

    Within Jtwixt, in the Misc menu, select Import game records… which is on the bottom of the menu list. Here is the window that pops up.

    Note that the format LGSGF is selected. Choose the correct board size. Sorry, Jtwixt cannot currently handle size 48. Click on Import from file and load the .tsgf file. If you just downloaded or edited that file, it might appear as a shortcut in the Jtwixt import window.

    Save the game to a binary Jtwixt file. I recommend you use the extension .tgt “Twixt game tree.”

    A few tips on how to use Jtwixt

    In Misc->UI I recommend you select DB. That will result in larger pegs and IMO better next move symbols. Then, in the Board menu, I recommend you check Outline player 1. You can modify the colors to whatever pleases you (also from the Board menu.) With the outlines, player 1 could be a light color and will still show up against a light color board.

    The best feature of Jtwixt is, an entire tree of variations can be examined and stored in a file, not just the game continuation. You can label the leaf nodes as Vertical wins, vertical advantage, tie, horizontal advantage, or horizontal wins. Jtwixt does not know how to play, but it will update the interior nodes according to how you label the leaves.

    Jtwixt implements standard rules, not PP. Positions where that difference matters might be labeled with a comment. To begin a long move, hold down Ctrl while placing your peg. Click on any link of yours to remove it. Press the back button to cancel the long move at any time. Click on any peg to autolink to it. When the links are the way you want the, Hold down Ctrl again and click anywhere on the board to finish the long move.

    When replaying a long move, use the next button. If you click on the hole, Jtwixt will interpret that as a different variation move you are making. You could then press Ctrl-D to delete your variant move, then press Next to make the long move.

    Please ask me questions!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    Sorry about the mess. This is not the way it looked before I posted it. Hopefully you can still read it despite the strikethru. I don't want to try again here because I don't know why it messed up. Richard, if you read this, could you please provide a clue, or better yet, a way to edit posted files, or a preview screen that works? Meanwhile here is the same post on BoardGameGeek.

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