2300! TWIXT PP

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  • Tim at 2004-11-08

    Klaus Hußmanns has reached 2300 rating points, congratulations!

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-11-09

    With his speed will reach 100 tournament wins soon.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2004-11-09

    ouaw !!! Congratulations !!

    next step is 2400 ?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-11-09

    Wow! Quite an accomplishment! I believe the strongest aspect of his play is his understanding of the opening phase. Klaus has a phenomenal sense of balance, always making the most efficient possible use of the board.

  • Tim at 2004-11-09

    Quite true. The opening is what separates good players from top players. It’s nearly impossible to beat a top player if he’s chosen an efficient opening. Unfortunately, Klaus virtually always makes the best possible use of his opening. The good thing is that nobody has to be ashamed of losses against Klaus. ;)

  • technolion at 2004-11-12

    Congrats Klaus!

    Too bad, Pit is not playing at the moment. Would be nice to see some Battles of the Titans..

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2005-01-25

    He reached the 100 tournaments won. Congrat!

  • Alan Hensel at 2005-01-29

    Wow, Klaus has won more tournaments than I’ve played games. And he joined Little Golem after me.

    But he’s not going to win Championship 7. Some back-of-the-envelope calculations (if I’ve done them right) reveal that the best Klaus can do is 80 “Son” points (if Tim loses to Petr, and Petr wins all the rest of his games, and technolion beats Axel), but Tim is guaranteed 4 more “Son” points from the Axel-technolion game regardless of which way it goes, lifting him to 84 “Son” and sole victory.

    Congratulations, Tim!

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