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Klaus on K2z? maybe...
  • David J Bush ★ at 2005-01-01

    Klaus has tentatively agreed to show up on the K2z server on Sunday the 9th of January. Besides having far and away the strongest rating here, Klaus has won the Mind Sports Olympiad Twixt tournament in England more than anyone else, at least four times I believe. And there have been only seven tournaments so far! Klaus was also a frequent winner of the Twixt tournament at the Essen Spielfest each October, while it was still being held.

    We hope you will all come to play or observe the games. Be sure to download the latest version of the Windows client. There is a Java client available as well. I’m not sure what time of day we will start. I hope to be there early.

    I’m sure no one would mind if you show up tomorrow, the 2nd, as well. Players tend to meet around 2 to 4 pm East Coast US time, which is 8 to 10 pm Central European time.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2005-01-04

    David, you have a dangerous concurrent on k2z now...

    a new registered pseudo: twixter75022

    watch your back ;)

  • technolion at 2005-01-05

    Great Marketing, Philippe! :)
    I’ll try to be there!

  • Tim at 2005-01-05

    I’ll try to be there, too. Klaus will probably have to play many matches! ;)

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2005-01-05

    klauss did not register yet. i just made a joke about twixter75022 because his pseudo is close to twixter (david bush)
    twixter75022 is registered with a american flag.

    so you dont need to rush on k2z ;)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2005-01-05

    Klaus told me he will have time to play only a few games. But if so many people show up, they could perhaps play each other. I hope to be there for a while.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2005-01-10

    So he was there :)

    Yesterday was a great evening, a lot of players connected
    and a very high level of play.

    Welcome to thordsen, and old buddy of david and klauss.

    have a good day.

  • Tim at 2005-01-10

    Yes, that was a fantastic TwixT event! I hope Klaus will drop in more often now – he’s probably the only one who can keep David in check. :)

  • Hartmut at 2005-01-10


    after a long time of TwixT-inactivity (while playing lots of other board games – still my favorite hobby) Tim showed me how to use k2z this weekend. Even if I likely hate the time consumpting deeper analysis for PBeM-TwixT-games at PBMserv (not played the last few years) or by mail (in the eighties in Germany), playing realtime TwixT is still very exciting, not causing too much work around ;-) So I couldn’t resist to join the meeting yesterday evening (User: hthordsen). My son Erik, aged 12, isn’t very familiar with TwixT, but he likes playing games online, so he joined too (User: Mini-Me). Quite sure we will randomly show up in the future here. But don’t expect more activities at PBMserv or Littlegolem for now (maybe later).

    Thanks to Tim for reactiviting the sleeping virus and thanks to Philippe for implementing this great server!


    PS: visit our local gaming group Hiespielchen at www.hiespielchen.de , where Klaus created the TwixT pages (all in german).

  • Alan Hensel at 2005-01-10

    Well, darn, Klaus didn’t write much, did he? I was hoping that since his rating is rocketing to record levels, that he has achieved a higher state of Twixt consciousness, and would share his profound insights. I’d be willing to learn German for that.

    Alas, for the English speaker, there is nothing to see but the Kosmos Twixt box, with the nice picture of Alex Randolph. At least, I know it’s Alex Randolph. I’m sure most people don’t recognize him. All they see is an old guy, so, it looks like a game for old people. Or, one that causes extreme analysis paralysis. For all most people know, it might be the same guy from the 1962 3M box, still thinking about his next move. Surely, Twixt is no less exciting than <a href=http://images.hasbro.com/common/images/products/04430_imageMain400.jpg">this!

    We need better marketing. Twixt is a great game. And we just haven’t achieved critical mass at K2Z yet. Join K2Z, people!

    Anyway, it was fun playing Klaus last night. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to go into work (a web app was failing).

  • Alan Hensel at 2005-01-10

    Sorry 'bout the broken link. I meant

  • Tim at 2005-01-11

    Well, Alan, here are some German phrases which might be useful in TwixT conversations with Klaus:

    “Enjoy the match!” - "Mir schlottern die Knie"

    “What a move!” - "Woher nimmst Du bloß Deine Züge?"

    “The match is not over yet!” - "Da hast Du’s wohl mal wieder geschafft"

    “I'm looking forward to our next game” - "Nach diesem Spiel hänge ich meine TwixT-Karriere an den Nagel"

    (any warranty excluded :-)

  • Alan Hensel at 2005-01-11

    Thanks a lot, Tim ;) Though those phrases do seem to be a bit ... hmm, shall we say ... idiomatic? ;)

  • Tim at 2005-01-12

    You don’t trust in me, do you! ;)

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