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Twixt Horizontal vs Vertical
  • beppi at 2003-06-30

    It happened to me and to other players to miss the correct direction in Twixt and go left to right when they should go vertically or viceversa. This may happen when you have many games and you continuosly have to change how you think to adapt to games that once are played vertically, other times horizontally.
    What would players think if we asked (if possible) to have a unique visualization, that keeps track of the colors but is flipped for (for example) white and then every player always has to connect horizontally and the opponent is visualized vertically (this is what comes more natural to me). After all this is made in other games, like chess, where the board is flipped.



  • Dvd Avins at 2003-06-30

    I would find that helpful.

  • jjjklj at 2003-06-30

    perhaps maybe a “flip board” option could be added instead. i don’t care for it to look like i’m always going horizontal, but i do like it if the person with the first peg is always going vertical. this is how playsite has it’s hex games and whenever the first piece is swapped, i flip the board whether i swapped or my opponent did.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-06-30

    Maybe you could set your choice in the “User properties” menu. Besides choosing what graphics display you prefer, you could choose from: always connect top to bottom, always connect left to right, always flip the board when swap is used, always leave white at top and bottom, or always leave
    black at top and bottom. That way, you wouldn’t have to change the display with every new game you start. Does anyone have another choice to add to this list?

    It could be argued that if you get used to the option to flip the display diagonally, you might become less prepared for a face to face game. But the fact is, for many people here, the only Twixt games they will play will be on the Net.

    Speaking of the graphics display, perhaps I could send Richard a better one. Thicker border lines, for example, might be nice. Or a still larger board. I could send him a
    559h x 549v image of a board, although I’m not sure how he does the pegs and links, so he might have to generate those himself. Would a high-res display suit anyone else?

  • beppi at 2003-07-01

    IMHO there may be too many options this way. I’d just prefer a “flip on/off” option, or maybe a three state option “north-south, east-west, no-flip”. I don’t feel the necessity of a more detailed configuration.

    About the graphics display, I think that the big one now is perfect, the only addon I could think of is to make the links the same colour as the pegs. But a bigger board would be IMHO useless.

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