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  • quartastella at 2010-02-23

    What does this game tell us?

  • KPT ★ at 2010-02-23

    not much , at the moment.

  • ypercube at 2010-02-23

    A lot i’d say, if you consider all other games of the same tournament.

  • Gregorlo at 2010-02-23

    a prediction: near the end of the tournament, one of “them” will resign ;)

  • FatPhil at 2010-02-25

    I don’t think I can conclude anything yet. He’s met the jamaican posse several times in the past. And in fact he’s playing 3 of them here, and 3 of them here.

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-02-25

    How does the play of (un)fairplay/5five measure up against the top publicly available amazons programs?
    I agree with fatphil unclear at the moment what this say, a resignation would probably be quite telling, both entities play games in which publicly available programs dominate human players but it does yes not say whether they are rival gangs or part of the same gang.

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-02-26

    Thinking about it and looking at play in the four in row I find it hard to believe they are not part of the same entity. I do not believe that jamaica posse would give up so many FIR games to an account outside of the posse and so easily.

  • quartastella at 2010-03-02

    If someone is still thinking that 5Five is not one of the latest aliases created by our resident cheater, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. Please contact me as soon as possible. It’s used but in very good conditions.

  • Aganju at 2010-03-02

    I’d be interested in that bridge you talked about. I mailed you a check for 1,005,000 $; could you just wire me the overpayment back? ;-)

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-03-03

    Sorry Aganju you don’t have a contract, you need a price and an unambiguous description (it could be any contruction over a body of water in Brooklyn).
    Most importantly you need an agreement to terms of the sale.
    I’d cancel that check I’m pretty sure if someone sends you an unsolicited check it can be treated as a gift under U.S. law.

    There is a difference between belief someone is up to no good and believing they are controlled by the “resident cheat.” Even if 5five was to prove not to be a Jamaicalias it what not effect my believe that the person who created the account is not a fair player.

  • quartastella at 2010-04-07

    Interesting. “Both” 5Five and “FaiRPlaY” “beat” everyone else in the championship, then one of the “two” immediately resigned. Who could have seen that coming? I bet that had “never” happened before!

  • Dvd Avins at 2010-04-07

    Indeed. As I expect to finish undefeated in that section except for 1st-move resignations against the cheater, and who won’t get promoted, I’m not pleased.

  • quartastella at 2010-04-07

    I had forgotten to check the links provided by FatPhil.

    In nine “games” “against” the vermin resident cheater’s nicks, 5Five “won” all nine, eight of them by “resignation.”

    Need more proof?

  • ypercube at 2010-04-08

    Yes. I’m not convinced, not yet.

  • Przemek Drochomirecki at 2010-04-08

    It really doesn’t matter, what bothers me more is that there are some players I’m 99% sure that use invader/amazong/??? to significantly improve their game quality.

    Somehow they are not excluded from the ranking list.

    They are clever enough to stop using program having decisive advantage, or they can even resign with well-recognized cheaters. This is sad.

    I don’t believe that a guy can wake up, and suddenly start playing like a god.
    If I had enough time, I could go through his/theirs games and discover what engine and how often is used.

  • Przemek Drochomirecki at 2010-04-08

    I don’t want to accuse anyone, but while playing amazon here i was spending many hours on each game, and the fact that some guys can achieve much better effect within minutes using amazong/invader forced me to stop playing.

    what’s the reason to play any championships if I know that TUMRAK will win it.
    (i’m not accusing anyone, i’m just astonished how strong people can improve just in couple of days)

  • quartastella at 2010-04-08

    Statistics for the “Australian†5Five:

    57 wins 0 losses 2 draws
    3 wins against VRC (Vermin Resident Cheater) on resignation

    34 wins 0 losses
    1 win against VRC on resignation

    2 wins 0 losses
    1 win against VRC on resignation

    31 wins 0 losses
    5 wins against VRC on resignation

    Four in a row
    118 wins 5 losses 1 draw
    11 wins against VRC on resignation

    33 wins 8 losses
    3 wins against VRC on resignation

    Dots and Boxes
    54 wins 11 losses 3 draws
    9 wins against VRC on resignation

    Lines of Action
    29 wins 1 loss

    389 games completed
    358 wins (92%)
    25 losses (6%)
    6 draws (2%)
    34 games against VRC
    33 wins against VRC on resignation (97%)

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