Golem Word Game-100 letters :: #392203 (game finished)

Bag: E1 N1 O1 N1 E1 R1 A1 C2 H3 C2 I1 U1 U1 X4 I1 I1 L1 R1 T1 E1 T1 T1 I1 G2 M2 U1 T1 E1 F3 E1 A1 P2 Z5 L1 *0 S1 Y3 I1 G2 D2 N1 S1 O1 N1 O1 A1 I1 J4 F3 R1 E1 A1 A1 R1 W3 U1 N1 E1 O1 I1 E1 E1 V3
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O1 R1 N1 E1 I1
M2 P2 A1 H3 D2
E1 V3 Y3 D2 B2
T1 S1 L1 G2 B2
W3 O1 O1 A1 E1

Player - white
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Player - black
United States
Start time: 2005-07-31 04:30
Finish time: 2005-08-15 20:59
Tournament: gwg.mc.2005.apr.2.1
Score: 66.0 / 50.5