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The Game of Amazons

Amazons is one of most quality board games developed in 20th century. The Game of the Amazons (or simply Amazons) is an abstract game of territory for two players, played on a 10x10 board. Each player has four amazons, which move like chess queens : any number of vacant squares in a straight line -- orthogonally or diagonally. After it moves, an amazon must fire an arrow in the same manner from its landing square (one or more vacant squares orthogonally or diagonally). The square where the arrow lands is then marked to indicate it is blocked . No amazon or arrow may move into or through a blocked square. White moves first, moving one amazon and firing an arrow with that amazon. The players alternate moving, and the player last able to make a move wins.

El Juego de las Amazonas was invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina, and first published (in Spanish) in issue number 4 of the puzzle magazine El Acertijo in December of 1992.

El Juego de las Amazonas (The Game of the Amazons) is a trademark of Ediciones de Mente.

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