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On Little Golem is implemented Try Rule. The player who brought his king to the initial position of his opponent's king wins the game.


You can choose from your characters for Kanji set:

  • Famous international Hidetchi' set
  • Ryoko set from Adrian Petrescu
  • Kinki set from Adrian Petrescu
  • Set from Marcello Netto


Mini Shogi

Shogi on board 5x5 -

Tori Shogi (Bird shogi)

Shogi on board 7x7 -

Shogi 3x4

This variant is very simple: no restrictions for pawns, no promotion for bishop and rook, player win when king reach other side, rook and bishop are limited to next field. Shogi 3x4

Shogi 5x6

There is only short description on But there are rules according to this picture - 2 promote lines, silver king can be promoted too.