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Twixt-PP is paper and pencil board game (origin of Twixt). It is one of best paper and pencil board games.
Twixt was developed by Alex Randolph and was very popular in 60s and 70s.


  • The board is a 24x24 square grid of holes, minus the corner holes.
  • The top and bottom row are white border rows. Left and right edges are black border rows.
  • White moves first. A move consists of placing one peg of your color on any vacant hole, except you may not play in your opponent's border rows. When you place your peg, the server will automatically add all legal links to that peg.
  • A legal link is a link between two pegs of the same color which are at opposite corners of a 6-hole rectangle, like a knight's move in chess. Your links may not cross opposing links, although your own links may cross each other. (This is different from standard Twixt, where links never cross, and you may remove your own links if you wish.) Crossed links are not directly connected to each other, as far as the object of the game is concerned.
  • After White makes the very first move, the 2nd player has the option of either responding normally as Black, or swapping the first peg. If the peg is swapped, it changes to black and moves to the "mirror image" position reflected along the diagonal. For example, if White plays 1.B4 and Black swaps, the B4 peg turns black and moves to D2. This is effectively the same as swapping sides. The swap option is available only after the first move, and not at any other point in the game.
  • The object is to connect your border rows with a continuous chain of pegs, each of which is linked to the next. If neither side can do this, the game is a draw.

  • If you click on "Login/New User" in the left column and then "Edit user properties" you can choose an alternate graphics display for the board.


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