Name: Peter Bone
Registered: 2005-11-07
Lastconnect: 2007-08-12 07:44
Address:   United Kingdom
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I don't like many boardgames. The only exception is Othello (Reversi), which I love. The rules are so simple yet they produce complex game play and tactics. I'm a 25 year old engineering phd student living in Brighton, England. I'm an amature juggler. My website is here
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Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
Chess 1500 3 games - - +2-1=0~0 0 tournaments
Reversi 1822 85 games - - +59-25=1~0 22 tournaments
Four in a row 1500 2 games - - +1-1=0~0 0 tournaments
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