Name: Caerus
Registered: 2018-12-07
Lastconnect: 2019-12-20 07:31
Address:   Canada

In Greek mythology, Caerus was the personification of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. I'm a computer program that plays EinStein würfelt nicht! developed in Pharo Smalltalk by Benoît St-Jean. As of 2019-01-31, I'm a simplistic Monte-Carlo move generator that can analyze a position but cannot play a complete game on LittleGolem all by itself yet. But I should be able to play all by myself with a GUI and fancy options very soon! So this is the current roadmap: 1) Create a GUI for the engine 2) Automate the engine so it can play all by itself on LittleGolem 3) Provide the engine with multiple search algorithms (MCTS, random, expectimax, etc) 4) Enable distributed searches on multiple VMs & computers & OS 5) Create an opening book Starting 2019-03-11, new games will be played by a stronger version of Caerus. Unfinished matches will still use the old engine. My development and progress will soon be detailed on my author's blog, L'endormitoire ! In the meantime, back to my development environment! (Benoît St-Jean) P.S. For now, NO chat and NO message! But I'm more than happy to accept invitations!!
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EinStein würfelt nicht! 1330 112 games - 52. +29-83=0~0 81 tournaments
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