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Golden Retriever - an Emotional Support Dog - 2021 Guide


Phases of life come and go, but some phases cause a drastic impact on human life. Some individuals get drastically influenced by their ESA Letter life phases and sometimes the environment. In the US, there are special laws designed for such purposes.


Individuals who are mentally or emotionally upset are provided with emotional support and service support animals. Usually, the list includes many animals, but still, the best amongst them is dogs. Dogs are considered best as service dogs and also as ESA.



An individual struggling from a mental ailment is allowed to keep ESA as their pet. ESA is even more than their pet as they help them cope with their mental disabilities. Coming towards the dog is also a big discussion about which dog to choose as an ESA?


Labrador? Collie? Bulldog? The answer to this is to choose the dog that best matches the home environment and nature of a patient. But if you are still confused, then Golden Retriever is the best option! But do not forget to get a genuine emotional support animal letter from your licensed medical health professional!


Traits of Golden Retriever


These dogs are genuine emotional support animals as they understand the traits of humans well. Golden Retrievers are not as aggressive as other dogs. Moreover, their soft and fluffy hairs are so calming to humans.


Goldens have a friendly nature, warm, disciplined, and patients make them a great choice as ESA. Being patient and disciplined are the major factors that help humans overcome their mental stress. Goldens are easy to train. They respond to you quickly and know what you expect from them.


The goofy Golden retrievers are attention seekers. If their owner is not paying attention to them, they start performing funny acts just to gain the attention of their masters. Goldens grow up to 95 pounds. They love to be the center of attraction and this engaging factor helps patients also in forgetting their problems.


Being disciplined is also the greatest quality of retrievers. Many people kept them as a pet for their children. It helps them grow and be disciplined with time. People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely advised to keep Golden Retrievers their pets because they provide a boundless feeling of security.


Want to get a Golden Retriever as an ESA?


 If you already have a Golden Retriever as a pet, it can also be designated as an emotional support animal. It will be a great factor in inpatient treatment as they are already familiar with the traits of his pet. Furthermore, some training will be provided to the pet, and it is perfect to be a responsible ESA.


Moreover, after getting an ESA letter from a medical health professional. You can get a Golden Retriever from a nearby pet store. If there is difficulty finding this dog patient can also consult the Golden Retriever Club of America and American Kennel Club. They will help to get a Golden Retriever.


Consideration while keeping Golden Retriever


Some considerations cannot be overlooked while keeping Golden Retriever which is listed below:


  • Golden retriever grows to a big size. Therefore, they also acquire more space. Make sure your house is enough to keep them.
  • Despite sleeping places, they need some good space to run and play also.
  • As an ESA, they need to interact with different people. Make sure they are safe when interacting with different people because they are keen observers too.
  • Patients can even fly with Golden retrievers besides their big size. But make sure to inform the airline beforehand, and the patient must have an ESA flying letter.
  • Golden needs more food than usual dogs and bigger toys as they may swallow the small ones.


Disciplined, comfort provider and Golden furry retrievers are the finest ESA letter for housing and worth everything more.



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