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Learn more about ASA citation style - Guide 2021


In academic writing, you cannot state any information or report without a proper source. Sources must be cited properly so that your paper appears to be authentic and the practical manifestation of your rigorous hard work. Another purpose of using citations is to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism needs to be at the bare minimum level because this forgery is unacceptable in academic writing. A good essay writer knows this and abides by it.


In academic writing, there are many citation styles and they are implied in different subjects. For instance, if someone is writing on humanities then MLA is the most preferred citation format. APA and Chicago citation styles are used in academic work of psychology and history respectively. In the same way, the Chicago citation style is used in the academic work of sciences. Often these aspects are considered but at the same time, this needs to keep in consideration that this bifurcation is not in absolute terms.


If you want to start writing as a beginner, things might not be quite easy because you would be confused to follow the requirements of citation styles that vary from each other. However, this would not be an issue for the writers of essay writing service to use citation styles according to their actual spirit.


Writing an essay in a specific citation style may become difficult if you are not a regular writer. Without practice, it becomes an uphill task to ensure perfection. A way out from this issue is that you just need to pay for an essay or a research paper and resultantly you would be able to hire the services of the best writers of the field.


Just like the above-mentioned citation styles, one of them is the ASA citation style. This citation style is mostly used in the research papers and academic work of sociology. The guidelines for ASA citation style are decided and published by a renowned organization of American sociologists i.e. American sociological association. Any professional of write my essay service will have writers for this citation style also.


In 1997, the first guide of citation by the American sociological association. This guide was a formal standard for the publication of writings of sociology. For publication in ASA journals, the basic rules of ASA are thoroughly complied with. Format of 1997 is not the final style; rather it is prone to changes and improvements. Due to these improvements, the sixth edition of ASA was recently released in the year 2019. 


This recent edition was primarily to provide guidelines for editions, authors, and writers. For instance, additions that were made in 2019 include the features of providing suggestions on grammatical improvements. Formatting of references and additional information regarding the use of digital sources was also included.


There are several similarities between APA and ASA citation styles. They have similarities in appearance and usage as well. For instance, the parenthetical referencing style is followed in both of them. Both of them use the title of Reference to add the sources at the end of the paper. Just like APA, the date of publication is also jotted down along with the author’s name.


They have similarities with the Chicago manual style of in-text citation. In both of them, the format that is used has author-date detail. For instance, if you have taken a quotation and you want to add it into your work for authenticity then for parentheses, the last name of the author is followed by the year of publication. The last thing in the in-text citation is the addition of page number by putting a colon after details. 


For instance, (Waltz, 1979: 45). Basics of ASA citation is the same for all the cases where the number of the author may vary from one to many. The requirement of adding an author-date combo is the basic requirement.


ASA citation style is not an easy citation style to comprehend. You have to be smart enough to understand it by comparing and contrasting it with other citation styles. 


Working with a quality write my essay for me services is the best way of getting your ASA paper written properly


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