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What Is an Illustration Essay? Instructions & Example - Guide 2021




An illustration essay is a way that the writer shows or presents an idea by supporting it with evidence, examples, and visuals. Its main purpose is to illustrate the point of the paragraph (Green). While many essays serve this same purpose, an illustration essay takes it a step further and illustrates how those points are supported. However, one of these essays can stand alone as a completely visual essay. This means that unlike other different types of essays which focus on content, an illustration essay focuses solely on form. They are more like posters than they are like traditional articles; they contain pictures instead of text to prove their point(s) (Fruscello). In fact some contemporary artist have created numerous artworks in which they communicate only through illustration like cheap essay writing service.



# Samuel Palmer # The First Illustration Essay?


Samuel Palmer is one of the earliest examples of illustrators who are more recognized for their illustrations than they are for their artwork (Green). He is especially known for his landscape and architectural works, which were very popular during his time (Fruscello). His work was also admired by Walter Crane, whom many scholars believe to be the creator of the illustration essay (Green). However, there are some who counter this claim because they state that it was too early in a century for him to have been able to write an essay that contained pictures. They use as evidence a letter he wrote in 1890 where he states that he first became interested in illustrating essays when he saw someone else do it in 1867 (Fruscello).


# The Form of an Illustration Essay


An illustration essay contains a number of characteristics. For example, it may contain no more than three paragraphs, with each one focusing on a different point (Fruscello). It also tends to be quite small because it focuses exclusively on the pictures that accompany its text. However, while most essays have at least two pages, an illustration essay is usually only about 500 words long—the information is not fully used just for supporting the topic(s) like the content in other essays or cheapest essay writing service guide, but also as something that can stand alone (Green). Authors who write illustration essays must think about how they can create their idea using language and visuals instead of just words (Fruscello).


# The Goal of an Illustration Essay


The goal of an illustration essay is to show the reader how something happens, or how it looks. For example, if a writer wants to illustrate the different aspects of building some type of structure, they might include pictures that show its creation and its finished state. This way the reader can see for themselves what the point was trying to prove in words (Green). However sometimes people fail to understand their own illustrations because they do not take into account everything that they have included within them (Fruscello). Many illustrators make this mistake when creating something that requires interpretation such as artwork or free essay writing service. Therefore, it is important that they only include things within their illustration that are vital to the meaning of their illustration, and that they do not make any assumptions about what others will think.






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