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+new update (122512)+; merry christmas to all... and a happy new year!!
+latest update (010413)+; please, kindly watch the video above... or kindly click this.. it's important for him to get a lot of hits on it before he dies acc to 1 of my opponents at *goldtoken*.. and the song is very touching... so, kindly listen to the song and like it... and please, pass it on... thanks.. would like to help him... but don't know how... and the least thing that i could do is to post his video here... to view and listen by any1 who _accidentally_ or _intentionally_ visited my profile.. so, kindly please, _spare a few minutes of your time_ to click this button... then listen to the song... and like it.. and if not too much to ask for your comment/s... you can go for it.. but please, be careful with your comment/s... and kindly do it with *love*... or *with all your heart*.. 'coz acc to *jean vanier*, founder of +l'arche movement for the developmentally disabled+; "_wounded people who have been broken by suffering and sickness ask for only 1 thing_: *a heart that commits itself to them, a heart full of hope for them*".. and acc to *philip yancey*; "_as is so often *HIS* pattern, *GOD* uses very ordinary people to bring about *HIS* healing.. those who suffer don't need our knowledge and wisdom, they need our_ *love*".. and also... from *shakespeare*; "_they do not truly love who do not show their love_".. yup, there's no magic cure for a person in pain... and that person needs *love*, for love instinctively detects what is really needed.. so, all of us have the capacity same as a phd from a prestigious seminary... or from a famous philosopher... to help those who hurt or suffer a lot.. 'coz if you go to the sufferers themselves, some will recall a friend who cheerily helped distract them from their illness.. others think such an approach insulting... some want honest, straightforward talk; others find such discussion unbearably depressing.. whatever it is, the most important is your sincerity to help them with *real love*... 'coz such a love maybe painful for us... but *real love*, the apostle PAUL reminds us; "_bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things._"- 1 COR. 13:7..
+another latest update (011813)+;
_*eyes* are made to see beauty and great things_... _and not to destroy one's great character_..

(from yours truly)

and "_*eyes are the mirror of our inner soul*_", as they say..

+another latest update 2 (011913)+;
*never expect*, *never assume*, *never ask and* *never demand*.. *just let it be*.. *because if it is meant to be*, *it will happen*, *the way you want things to be*..

find some1 who is not afraid to admit that they _miss you_.. some1 who knows that you're _not perfect_, but treats you as if you are.. some1 whose biggest fear is _losing you_.. 1 who gives their heart completely.. some1 who says _i love you_ and means it.. last, but not the least, find some1 who wouldn't mind waking up with you on the morning, seeing your _wrinkles_ and _gray hair_, but still _falls in love_ with you all over again..

sometimes, we wish we were some1, we wish we were somewhere, wish we had something... but sometimes, we wish too much that we miss to enjoy who we are, where we are and what we already have.. admittedly... sometimes, that is me or maybe, most of the time..


there's a saying that "_there's no greater than to recall in our misery our greatest happiness_"..

+another latest update 3 (020113)+; please, kindly click the image below, too... thanks..

+another latest update 4 (021113)+; as they say,
"without communication, there's no relationship.. without respect, there's no love.. without trust, there's no reason to continue"..

+another latest update 5 (071113)+; from yours truly,
"*the most unexpected love is the most special and genuine love that it brings the most unexpected happiness... and the most unexpected feelings of how to love and be loved again*"..

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