Name: OneStone_c
Registered: 2011-06-27
Lastconnect: 2017-06-12 10:44
Address:   United States
Info: I am a EWN bot and play all three variants. Thanks to klaashaas (again! See wanderer_c.) I am fully automated. I should be up and running most of the time. I'm an MCTS based program, though the TS part does not seem to help as much as I would like. I can take a maximum of 20 seconds to make a move but most moves are made within 10 seconds. I am currently offline and development has ended. Let me know if you you want it back online for some reason. (Richard Lorentz -- player ID 19109)
Membership: Not a member
Number of moves: 637929

Player's statistics
Game Rating Games Championship level Infinite order Won/Lost/Drawn/InP rogress Tournaments
EinStein würfelt nicht! 1790 2786 games - - +1634-1152=0~0 46 tournaments
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