Privacy Policy of LittleGolem

Player's email address is needed for notification, that player is on move. Email addresses are two: Email and Public email. Difference is, that first (Email) is used by LittleGolem for notification and second (Public email) for other players to see. So if player does not want others to see his email address, he does not fill Public email. The first (Email) cannot anyone see except LittleGolem administrator.

LittleGolem does not give or sell email addresses of players to other people or companies. LittleGolem will not do similar things in future. The addresses of players are used just for notification of players moves. The notification emails can be stopped by checking the option "Email notification" off. This option can be found in menu Login/New user item Edit user profile. There are also other data, that player can change.

In menu Login/New user item Edit user profile player fills his personal data. The only two items are required: Password and Email. All others like Your real name, Public Email, Country or ICQ are optional. Players feel more comfortable if they can see some information about their opponent. That is why is possible to fill these items. Player's private data are protected by international laws about private information.

LittleGolem does not recommend for players sending very sensitive messages to other players. LittleGolem is not liable for bugs, that may allow other players to see these messages. LittleGolem does everything for covering this messages, but such things may happen. Messages of players are not monitored by anyone. Player can use option Blacklist if he does not want to get messages from some other players.