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Tournament: #940
Julio Cortázar Centenary 31x31
Description: As some of you may be aware, Morelli takes its name from a character in Julio Cortázar’s novel Rayuela (Hopscotch). The fictional Morelli describes a version of chess he has heard of in which victory is achieved by conquering the Centre. He also recalls hearing that each of the players is required to manage no fewer than 60 pieces! Well, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of Cortázar’s birth, so it seems fit to celebrate with a size 31 tournament. Only the brave may join!
Creator: ypercube ★
State Finished
Game: Morelli
Variant: Size 31
Tournament's start: 2014-12-31
#games between players: 1
Private tournament: no
Min/Max rating: 0 - 9999
Rated: true

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ypercube ★ (1462), Carroll ★ (1526), _syLph_ (1531)

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round: 1

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